"It is by Logic that we prove,

but it is by Intuition that we discover."

-Jules Henri Poincaré

Welcome to Intuition & Logic


The great mathematician Jules Henri Poincaré once said,

"It is by logic that we prove, but by intuition we discover."

He was right. Intuition & Logic uses both faculties to serve its clients.


Founded in 1993, Intuition & Logic is a civil engineering and natural resources analysis, planning and design firm specializing in stormwater management, rivers, trails and pedestrian bridges. We provide professional services to Local, State and Federal government agencies as well as private entities. We are committed to providing practical, affordable, and sustainable civil engineering design solutions that integrate the desired land use into our living world. It is our sincere belief that this unique approach to civil engineering is essential to building beautiful and functional communities.

Our Services:

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