This project involves stabilization of over 2,600 feet of stream through developed residential neighborhoods. The primary stabilization design challenge involved replacing a 160-foot long, 10% sloped concrete ramp with a functional, natural stream form.  We applied Alpine stream geomorphic parameters to design a stable step-pool system for this steep slope. Stream energy is dissipated in the pools, while the steps accommodate the grade. Construction was completed in early spring 2002 and the system has been tested by several large storm events with great success. The stream designs also included in-stream weirs to guide and focus high velocity flows, control profile grade, and reduce near bank stress. The weirs were used in combination with a composite bank erosion control composed of limestone, coir fabric, geogrid, and native Missouri riparian vegetation. The plants both stabilize the slope through root reinforcement and provide hydraulic roughness which reduces near surface stress. The weirs and composite structures were also used to isolate the hydraulics at a stream confluence and induce scour at stabilized locations.