The City of Manchester retained Intuition & Logic to provide construction observation and construction design services for the Channel A project. This is the City’s largest channel restoration project for multiple tributaries through densely populated residential neighborhoods.


Intuition & Logic provided construction services including regular on site observations, checking lines and grades against the project plans and reporting variations to the City, checking construction progress, reviewing and approving contractor invoices, reviewing and processing request for information and shop drawings, and meeting with the City and Contractor on a regular basis to discuss progress and construction issues. The contract also included design services to relocate portions of the channel in an effort to save large, old growth trees. The designs involved raising the channel bed elevations, narrowing the channel cross section, revising the channel profile slope, adding and moving channel drop structures and grade controls, and adding additional boulder and modular block retaining walls above the normal flow elevations. The design calculations, drawings and specifications were prepared in a very aggressive time frame to support construction.


The design alterations were coordinated closely with the residents, 2 City Aldermen and the City Administrator to make sure everyone was informed about the advantages and costs of each design option. Several meetings were held in the resident’s homes to discuss and resolve difficult and emotionally charged issues.