Intuition & Logic was retained by the City of Saint Charles to evaluate known flooding issues upstream of Berlekamp Drive and develop solutions to alleviate flooding of four homes.  The existing homes were subject to flooding from moderate to severe flood events, with structure flooding depths of several feet occurring at some locations.   




The flood analysis required modeling the existing eleven foot diameter, double broken back culvert configuration in order to evaluate the proposed alternatives.  Further complicating the model were two aerial sanitary sewer crossings exposed within three feet of the culvert crown.




After evaluating numerous options, including complete removal of the culvert, the selected alternative included inlet modification; reshaping and stabilizing the approaching channel banks with rock lined slope with livestakes; 280 feet of overland swale for flood flow bypass; 3,700 square feet of retaining wall; and enclosing the basements and floodproofing the yards of four homes according to the requirements of FEMA Technical Bulleting 10-01. 

Intuition & Logic provided alternatives analysis through construction document production services.  We supported the City during construction with bidding services and supplemental construction services. After construction was completed we produced elevation certificates for the completed home floodproofings.