Banister Dam, built in 1907, is a concrete gravity structure with an earth abutment.  The dam is 44 feet high and 670 feet long. Synergics, Inc. was required by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to investigate the stability of the existing concrete gravity structure and powerhouse. 

Intuition & Logic was the Dam Engineer and FERC Part 12 Inspector responsible for reviewing calculations, calculating minimum foundation strength from project flood experience, calculating stability of spillway and powerhouse and meeting with FERC to discuss results. 


Mr. Prager redeveloped the original powerhouse drawings from partial drawings and an inventory from the 1920’s. He designed a post-tensioned tendon system to bring the structures into compliance and prepared the quality control inspection plan, construction specifications and drawings. He performed on-site verification of field conditions and participated in performance testing of the tendons.


Mr. Prager participated in the Probable Failure Mode Analysis and, as part of the Part 12 Safety Inspection, he reviewed the Emergency Action Plan.