The Chesterfield West Executive Center is a 2.5-acre professional office development.  The stormwater system is unique in that it integrates the site greenspace and landscaping into the stormwater detention system. Instead of one large detention pond, there are eighteen smaller, interconnected micro-detention basins throughout the development. The basins are shallow, around 2.5 feet deep, connected with sand drains, and planted with native flowering mesic prairie plants to provide a formal landscaped finish.  The prairie plants maximize infiltration and evapotranspiration to improve site hydrology, while also providing desirable wildlife habitat. The system closely matches the predevelopment hydrologic regimes during the frequent storm events by increasing time of concentration and facilitating the rainwater – groundwater connection that is so often lost to conventional developments.  The result is post development site outflows that are the same or lower than pre-development in addition to a beautifully landscaped property.