The City of Creve Coeur’s golf course has a series of ponds, the southernmost of which had a breach of the embankment adjacent to the outfall structure.  Intuition & Logic, leading a multi-disciplinary team, was asked by the City to evaluate and develop repair options for the embankment and aesthetic improvements for the pond. 



The proposed embankment repairs consisted of removing and replacing the existing embankment with a wider earth embankment.  The existing outfall structure and concrete lined spillway was replaced with a riser structure, 54” RCP conduit and a natural ledgerock boulder stilling basin.  The existing gabion lined channel at the foot of the embankment will be replaced with a natural channel that redirects the stream energy from the embankment toe and into the boulder lined stilling basin.   



The pond enhancements included deepening the normal pool depth from 4 feet to 12 feet; adding a solar powered bubbler for aeration; and adding natural ledgerock outcroppings along the pond edge.  The proposed improvements maintain the existing detention capacity without increasing the ponding heights or downstream flood elevations.