The City of Wildwood, Missouri retained Intuition & Logic to design their newest addition to the City’s growing trail system. The Eatherton Road Pedestrian Bridge is a two span structure spanning Missouri Route 100, a 4 lane divided highway, and connecting the City’s northern trails to their southern trails. This is a high profile project and a welcome addition to the City’s extensive and growing trail network.  The project was funded by a 50/50 match between local City funding and federal Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funding.


Intuition & Logic is the project civil engineer and led the design team including EFK Moen for structural & surveying services, SWT Design for landscape architecture and Geotechnology for geotechnical services. 



Thetwo span bridge crosses Highway 100 approximately 1000 feet east of Highway 109.  The bridge is a powder coated, steel bowstring arch truss rated for a 10,000 lbs live load.  The bridge span over the east bound lanes is 160 feet and the bridge span over the west bound lanes is 171 feet.  The bridge spans are supported by a 45 foot tall center bent in the median of Highway 100.      



The bridge supports a 10 foot wide, concrete trail that connects to a circular plaza at each end, complete with decorative stone seat walls. The plazas and trail approaches are supported by 15 foot high retaining walls that also screen the bridge abutments.   



The project is located in the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) Right-Of-Way.  Due to the location of the project and the funding source, the project design, plans and specifications were prepared to meet MoDOT standards.  As a result, the design team worked closely with MoDOT throughout planning, design and permitting to ensure the project complied with all applicable requirements.