Harmony Park is a long, narrow greenway along the western headwaters tributary to Little Mill Creek. The park is bounded on both sides with single family residents and was experiencing channel erosion and flooding problems.



Intuition & Logic provided hydraulic, hydrologic and geomorphic analysis of the Harmony Park channel and developed the final design and construction documents to address the problems. Channel incision was the driving force behind bank erosion and an undersized and collapsing culvert under Alden Road was aggravating flooding.


Final design components included channel restoration through grade stabilization. This was composed of a series of 10 grade controls, over 500 feet of bank restoration, modular block retaining wall, and the removal and replacement of the culvert under Alden Road. The new culvert was a two-stage conservation culvert to accommodate stream forming flows, as well as flood flows. The riparian corridor was also restored along the entire project reach to provide additional habitat and aesthetic benefits.