The Dardenne Greenway at Barathaven Park is a riverside park and trail network located along Dardenne Creek in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri. Intuition & Logic was the project civil engineer, responsible for the design of 3.2 miles of trail that included 2 pedestrian bridges, access roadway to the trailhead, the trailhead parking area, and the spillway for Barathaven Lake, the centerpiece of the trailhead park. Conservation site design features include a pervious paver block parking lot, stormwater bioretention basins and swales, and restoration of native riparian vegetation. Intuition & Logic provided the engineering designs in partnership with Arcturis, the project architects.



Both bridges are weathered steel truss bridges rated for a 10,000 lbs live load.  The first bridge was 21 feet x 12 feet spanning a wetland draw adjacent to the proposed lake.  The second was 74 feet x 12 feet spanning the Old Dardenne Creek tributary. 



The park and trails are part of the larger Great Rivers Greenway trail network and the Dardenne Greenway at Barathaven Park is one of the major hubs for the developing St. Charles trail system.  The trails also provide access for neighboring residents of Barathaven, an 80-acre mixed-use development near Dardenne and Old Dardenne Creeks that includes a school, residential, commercial, and retail properties.