The Channel “A” Reach is comprised of a main stem and two headwater tributaries of the Grand Glaize Watershed within the city of Manchester, Missouri.  Intuition & Logic completed a geomorphic evaluation and field analysis of the Channel “A” Reach in June 2004.    The analysis revealed that the channels had incised, resulting in steep, scoured banks approaching critical bank height.  Widespread bank failures had continued unimpeded, undermining and toppling mature stands of sycamores, cottonwoods, and oaks. Interventions were necessary to protect residential property and safety, near-stream infrastructure, and riparian corridor health.



Based on the results of our analysis, we recommended restoring approximately 1,800 feet of channel from its current incised condition to a stable, pre-incision depth and cross-sectional shape.  Intuition & Logic and Metropolitan Engineering Inc. developed a design that includes raising the channel grade with fill material and rock grade controls, and re-vegetating degraded streambanks. These interventions will effectively halt channel incision, decrease bank height, and reduce bank scouring, while protecting and preserving much of the existing riparian corridor and mature trees growing along the tops of both streambanks.