Central Park is a 38-acre park located in Chesterfield, Missouri that includes numerous recreational opportunities. Intuition & Logic was hired by the City to develop the design for shoreline protection, lake enhancements and aquatic habitat creating aimed at improving the habitat value, aesthetics and recreational amenities surrounding the lake.



The design included specifications for lake enhancements, incorporating emergent wetland shelves along the shoreline with ledgerock edge peninsulas. The emergent wetland shelves varied in width and provide shoreline erosion protection, habitat and water quality benefits. The ledgerock edged peninsulas provide direct access to the water edge for fishing and viewing. Fish habitat such as lunker boxes and submerged vegetation were located near fishing access areas. Sand spawning beds were also located in designed shallows around the lake. The combination of emergent shelves and ledgerock edge peninsulas provide an undulating shoreline with a variety of native vegetation and habitat. Coir logs were used at the outer edge of the wetland shelves to protect the wetland vegetation from wave action while it takes root. 



Future developments planned around the lake include hiking/biking trail systems, playgrounds, pavilions, picnic areas, the new Chesterfield Family Aquatic Park and an amphitheatre.