The City of Columbia, Missouri hired Intuition & Logic to write the new Stormwater Management & Water Quality Design Manual. Past stormwater practices created problems in the form of receiving stream degradation, poor stormwater runoff water quality and storm pipe outfall erosion. The existing manual had been last updated in 1992 and the city had been discussing revisions since the NPDES Phase II requirements.



The mission of the City of Columbia Stormwater Management and Water Quality Manual is to protect the quality of life by producing the least amount of stormwater runoff as possible and by protecting the natural resources necessary for watershed health and integrity. There are four water resource protection goals: Flood Protection, Ground Water Recharge, Pollutant Removal, and Stream Channel Stability which includes water quality, habitat, function and aesthetics.



The new Columbia design manual is based on the Kansas City Metropolitan Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) Section 5600 Storm Drainage System and Facilities and the Mid-America Regional Council/APWA Manual of Best Management Practices For Stormwater Quality (Q2), modified for local conditions. The Columbia Stormwater Management & Water Quality Design Manual is divided into seven Chapters as follows: 1) General 2) Hydrology 3) Hydraulics 4) Inlets, Structures and Pipe Systems 5) Open Channels 6) Stormwater Detention and Retention 7) Plan Requirements.