The John Burroughs School was adding a new auditorium, parking facilities and soccer field as part of a larger campus development project. Laughing Lake, an existing detention pond, would receive stormwater runoff from the newly developed area. The pond is a treasured campus amenity, used by the school as an outdoor teaching area and by students as a favorite after-class getaway. Prior to development, the pond was in a largely undisturbed, natural area. Protecting the pond from potential hydrologic alterations and water quality degradation, stemming from construction of the new facilities, was a priority for the school. 



Intuition & Logic developed designs for an interconnected, 3-cell extended detention facility with biological components. The design provides water quality treatment and flow rate control for up to 90% of the average annual rainfall on the new development draining into the lake.  The extended detention cells are designed to allow stormwater to weep off site over a minimum of 24 hours. Each of the detention cells is planted with native Missouri species, selected for their ability to handle frequent and extended inundation, as well as to provide enhanced aesthetics and habitat value.