The City of Wentzville, Missouri retained Intuition & Logic to write the new Design Requirements for Storm Drainage Facilities section of their Engineering Design Criteria.  Past stormwater practices created problems in the form of receiving stream degradation, poor stormwater runoff water quality and storm pipe outfall erosion, among others.


The mission of these stormwater design criteria is to protect property and infrastructure, prevent environmental degradation, protect natural waterways, accommodate growth by offering a variety of design tools, meet the City’s State and Federal regulation requirements, and achieve this mission in a cost effective manner to the City.


The new Design Requirements for Storm Drainage Facilities section is based on the new MSD Rules and Regulations and Engineering Design Requirements 2006.  The organization was changed and tables and forms were added to make the manual better fit the City’s needs.  


The The Natural Channels subsection is based on the Columbia Missouri Stormwater Management & Water Quality Design Manual.  The Natural Channels subsection will work in conjunction with the City of Wentzville’s proposed riparian buffer ordinance.