The Little Salt Creek Watershed is 45.8 Square Miles located in the northern part of the city of Lincoln, NE. The watershed is approximately 14.25 miles long, 5.5 miles wide and contains over 88 miles of streams, sensitive and unique natural resources, saline wetlands, rare saline plant species and the Salt Creek Tiger Beetle, a federally listed endangered species.


Intuition & Logic was the prime consultant and led the team to develop a comprehensive watershed inventory using GIS, HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS watershed modeling, floodplain and floodway delineation, DFIRM mapping, water quality sampling/analysis, bioassessment sampling/ analysis, and geomorphology.The team also conducted soil boring and assessment/ analysis and hydraulic surveys of over 90 bridges and culverts. To engage the community a public involvement campaign with public meetings as well as newsletters and web components were used. Finally, capital improvements project development with projected costs and priority, watershed guideline and ordinance development, and production of the Watershed Masterplan document were created. The Watershed Masterplan document is available at: . Intuition & Logic’s team included The Heartland Center for Leadership Development, PBS&J, E&A Consulting, and the University of Nebraska.