Lincoln University of Jefferson City, Missouri owns four farms that are part of its University Farm System. The Micro Community is a planned exhibition of Sustainable farming practices and a research facility for the University.



Intuition & Logic provided Civil and Stormwater Engineering and Analysis services for a multi-disciplinary team led by Christner Architecture. I&L completed several services for farming services including the evaluation of 8 rotational grazingpaddocks with daily rotation of large and small ruminants (e.g. cattle, sheep, goats, chicken, fallow), water balance for sustainable farm practices, aquaculture research facility, botanical garden, orchard, and biomass production fields. Intuition & Logic also completed analysis of a 3 acre reservoir, housing and community garden for workers living at the farm, farmer's market, trails and visitor's center and research labs for reknewable energy.



The Water balance consists of balancing  the water supply and demand between livestock and agricultural needs with available water supply from rainfall and ground water pumping.  Facilities on the site were located to maximize the natural benefits from the site with respect to flooding, passive solar gain/loss and passive gain/loss from the prevailing winds.