The City of Clayton retained Intuition & Logic to perform regular construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections for sites with land disturbance areas over 1 acre.


Centene Corps New Headquarters – demolition of existing buildings in the heart of Clayton’s downtown business district and construction of the new 17 story office building with plazas and amenities. Included one permanent bioretention water quality BMP.  The site was inspected for over 2.5 years on a biweekly basis.


SWPPP inspection services include coordinating with the City, Contractor and Project Owner; bi-weekly site visits to inspect and photograph SWPPP erosion and sediment control measures; note deficiencies and variations from the SWPPP; indicate and track action items to correct deficiencies; initiate stop work orders in the event of ongoing non-compliance, and more. I&L also reviews Owner and Contractor SWPPP documentation and maintains SWPPP records for the City.


Below are a few examples of deficiencies we observed and tracked for correction on behalf of the City.