Lakeside 370 Park is a 300 acre park with a 140-acre recreational lake.  Amenities planned for the park included fishing, non-motorized boating, a canoe channel through a wetland area, family and corporate pavilions, a boathouse, a recreational beach, primitive campgrounds, dog parks, an archery range and an RV park.  The Lakeside 370 Park Masterplan was developed in 2005 and established the vision and funding goals for the City.  The Lakeside 370 Park Design began in 2008 and was developed for phased implementation with components designed for the full buildout conditions. Phase 1 included the core park amenities and RV Pod 1 and 2.  Phase 1 was implemented following the design effort and split the work into three bid packages for mass grading and drainage; utilities; and finally paving. Design work for Phase 2 began in 2011 and added RV Pod 4. 


Included in Phase 1 was the repair of the agricultural levee that protects the Lakeside 370 Park from flooding along Dardenne, Spencer and Sandfort Creeks for flood events up to a 25 year recurrence.  During design it was observed that the levee crest exhibited frequent fluctuation in the profile grade as compared to the modeled CLOMR report for the adjacent 370 Business Park Levee.  As the agricultural levee is a critical flood control component for the park, these fluctuations needed to be corrected to provide a consistent level of protection for the park.  



Intuition & Logic prepared the necessary plans and permits for repair of the levee and coordinated with the USACE and the local levee district officer for authorization of the work.