Intuition & Logic was retained by Jefferson County to evaluate flooding problems on an unnamed tributary to Romaine Creek along Konert Road.

Konert Road is frequently flooded while surrounding residents are less frequently flooded during heavy storms. The flooding is due to a combination of sedimentation in the channel and insufficient capacity for stormwater structures on this tributary. Intuition & Logic developed the existing conditions hydraulic model in HEC-RAS and calibrated the model to simulate known flood events. The HEC-RAS model was used to evaluate several alternatives to address road and structure flooding. The options that were evaluated included, but were not limited to:


  • Raising approximately 1/4 mile of Konert Rd out of flood plain
  • Replacing an existing 5' x 14' culvert under Konert Road
  • Replace existing driveway bridge over the tributary
  • 1,200 feet of channel restoration
  • Removal or restoration of 450 ft of 72" RCP
  • Combination of the above alternatives