The US Army Corps of Engineers retained the joint venture team of Intuition & Logic and Hultgren Tillis Engineering for this indefinite delivery A-E contract to provide dam and levee Inspections for areas selected by the St. Louis District. 



The Omaha district issued task oder DK01 for the periodic inspection of 32 systems for 13 sponsors. There are 31 systems located along tributaries to and including the Missouri River in Iowa and one system is located in Montana.



The task order involved the periodic inspection of 194 miles of levee, 1 mile of floodwall, 93 channel miles, 331 drainage structures and 8 closure structures. The project schedule required the completion of the project in 360 calendar days.



As part of the periodic inspections, the project team developed an extensive project plan detailing the process, communication and quality control for each task. A GIS data base was developed for each system and all known documents from the initial design to present day were compiled and provided in PDF format. Any documentation provided in paper copy were scanned into PDF for the database. All of the field data was collected in GIS using the Levee Inspection System created for the Corps national levee database. This database will become the backbone of the Corps levee data systems.