Flood Control Basins

Flood control basins can provide a variety of functions, from flood control, energy generation and water quality, to recreation, wildlife habitat, and/or purely aesthetic benefits. Flood control basins range from small lot sized detention structures to large scale, regional flood control basins. 

Large scale flood control basins generally focus on flood attenuation and require regional level modeling of the impacts, both upstream and downstream over the course of the flood event from the rising to the peak and then through drawdown. 

Smaller scale flood control basins, generally known as detention basins, are designed to closely mirror the pre-development flow regime in terms of flow rate, runoff volume and time of concentration. Stormwater detention and retention is frequently a crucial component of our urban site designs to minimize the impact of development on receiving waters. Existing flood control basins can also be retrofitted to augment existing ponds with improved aesthetics and additional pond functions.


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