Aquatic Habitat

Intuition & Logic's aquatic habitat designs have included all types of freshwater ecosystems from streams to ponds to wetlands.  Aquatic habitat enhancements such as vegetated benches, spawning beds, deep threads, pools, riffles and others provide the necessary living conditions for numerous micro and macro invertebrates, fish, reptiles and other animals. 

Not only have we designed these types of ecosystems, we are also engaged in protecting aquatic habitats as well.  We have developed and promoted municipal criteria for protection of these areas.  We have also identified and delineated wetlands and other critically endangered habitats during watershed master planning. 


Select Project Experience:

Bridle Creek

Valley Mill Wetland

Deadman's Run

Chesterfield Central Park Lake

Tianjin Vanke Wetland

Creve Coeur Dam & Channel

Walker Lake Phase 2


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