Flood Control Channels

Flood control channels are engineered natural or man-made channels with the specific intent of controlling floodwaters.  These types of channels are engineered to a specific flood carrying capacity and have typically been concrete trapezoidal or rectangular flumes.  These channels can be connected online or offline with flood control basins to provide flood attenuation and storage.  Natural flood control channels consist of a low flow channel designed to convey the stream forming flow directly connected to a floodplain designed to attenuate and convey the flood flow.  Delineation of the floodplain and floodway are key components to the design of natural flood control channels to ensure the attenuation and flow carrying capacity is maintained. 

Intuition & Logic provides flood control channel analysis and design services ranging from initial eligibility inspections, periodic inspections, flood modeling, floodplain and floodway delineation and flood control designs.


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