Trail Masterplanning

Trails and greenways provide vital links between communities, and municipal amenities. Beyond the physical connections, trails and greenways also encourage outdoor recreation, enhance aesthetics, and can increase the value of adjacent properties. Intuition & Logic has the knowledge and experience necessary for the planning of functional trails that complement the surrounding environment by means of a thorough background analysis, planning and vetting process. We leverage our knowledge of GIS to quickly and efficiently analyze alternate routes and trail configurations.  Whether alone or as part of multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, architects and planners, we are able to rapidly respond to input received from agency coordination and public involvement campaigns to dynamically adjust alignments to generate feasible and well-founded trail master plans. In addition to preferred and alternate alignment recommendations, our master plans typically include identification of easement and Right-Of-Way needs; quantification of impacts to natural resources; engineering design and construction cost estimates. 


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Dardenne Greenway

Western Greenway

Cottleville to St. Peters Connection


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